If you’re a woman who has been frustrated time and again training your legs, you need to read this…

Get the Beautiful Toned & Shapely
You've Always Wanted…

…In Less Than

Plus how to avoid the #1 training mistake EVERY woman makes
who wants strong, sculpted thighs.

St. Petersburg, FL

Dear Friend,

I’m not going to sugarcoat this for you.

If you’re like most women, you’ve probably tried every exercise in the book to firm up and sculpt your inner thighs.

But what you’re about to learn about Inner Thigh training will SHOCK you and may possibly make you close down this page out of pure frustration…

You exercise hard, you eat well, you do everything to the letter…it should be enough to firm up and sculpt your inner thighs, right?

You’ve probably been told that if you WANT the body of your dreams, you have to spend hours doing endless squats, lunges and leg presses over and over again…

Or maybe you’ve been told you don’t get firm thighs overnight so you just need to keep going…

Well, here’s the kicker: what if you discovered all your efforts were causing you to be LESS LIKELY to properly sculpt your inner thighs and get them in the shape you want?

What if all the advice you had been given about training your thighs was plain WRONG?

Here’s the truth: forget your quads, hammies and glutes…

The “Secret” To Strong, Attractive Inner Thighs Is Your Adductors… But NO-ONE Knows How To Train Them Correctly

The adductors are your body's most neglected muscle group.

But that’s not all. Your adductors are the main supporting muscle group for almost every lower body movement you make. They deliver stability, strength and power. That’s why it’s crucial to train them properly to not only improve their function but to get that perfect sculpted, strong look.

When you discover the right way to train your adductors, EVERYTHING changes. You can finally put all the frustration away and really go after your goals.

When you've trained your adductors the right way, you will finally be the proud owner of amazing thighs and closer to rocking that athletic shapely look.

Here’s the thing. Despite all your sweat and tears to get your
thighs into shape, you may be making common mistakes that are
actually holding you back.

What Most Fitness “Experts”
Won’t Tell You About How
To Achieve Strong, Sexy,
Toned Thighs

(This Is Shocking)

After training hundreds of women over the past 15 years, I know nearly all of them are concerned about the shape and flabbiness of their inner thighs.

You've done more squats, climbed more steps, and lunged more than you can count, but no matter how hard you try, you just can't firm up your inner thighs.

Now before you give up completely, you need to know it is NOT your fault. There’s a good chance that some of what you’re doing is actually right (such as eating clean, and working out hard).

It’s just you’ve been lied to.

You’ve been lied to about how to train your inner thigh muscles and that’s why you don’t see any progress, despite working so hard.

When you want help, it’s perfectly natural to turn to someone who claims to know what they’re doing. You place your trust in the women and men who call themselves experts… but doing so can turn out to be a HUGE mistake.

You see, there’s something I learned a long time ago...

Just Because Someone Is Fit Doesn’t Make
Them A Fitness Expert

In the world of fitness, just because someone has the kind of body you want doesn’t make him or her an expert.
I see it all the time and I’m sure you do, too.

And herein lies the danger.

But before I go on, let me tell you a little bit
more about myself.

I'm Brian Klepacki - aka Coach Brian - a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and creator of the wildly successful Unlock Your Glutes and Crunchless Core training programs.

I've dedicated the last 16 years of my career to working in the field of exercise science and human performance. Doing so, I’ve been able to radically transform so many lives.

As a Functional Movement Specialist, I know it's crucial to separate fact from fiction when it comes to training and performance. That’s why...

… I’m in the gym every day experimenting through endless trial-and-error

… I apply what works to my clients and the results successfully come back over and over again, so… in short, I know what WORKS.

What really adds credibility to my approach are the countless hours I spend reading studies and researching new techniques and methods. This is something most self-proclaimed professionals simply don’t do.

Too many fitness enthusiasts and even fitness trainers have no clue what they are talking about.

Many are stuck on the
“it worked for me so it will work for you” mentality.

Or they use outdated advice based on decades-old training methods, instead of using the latest science combined with real-life experience with clients.

To make it even more challenging, social media fitness “celebrities” are more interested in your “Likes” and “Follows” than passing out training advice that works.

(Even though they have the body you want… keep in mind they’re not working full-time, 20 years old, don’t have kids, work out 3 hours a day, have great genetics and may be taking supplements of some kind. But hey, none of that matters right?!)

That’s not just bad, that’s DANGEROUS.

  • They misunderstand physiology.
  • They misunderstand the five adductor muscles.
  • They misunderstand fundamental training principles.
  • They don’t understand how to sculpt strong, lean inner thighs week-in, week-out regardless of body type, shape or size.

I say all this because it’s important to know the TRUTH about the inaccurate information and lies you’re fed about how to train. And if you never know the truth you will be left disappointed over and over again when you don’t get the results you were ‘promised’.

You see, the No.1 reason why most “expert” advice is just plain wrong is this fundamental misunderstanding:

Leg Training ISN’T Inner Thigh Training

When so many spend their workouts squatting, deadlifting, and doing lunges and only see little results, frustration kicks in. But the second something does WORK, you can’t get the person to stop smiling.

After a few minutes of going through adductor-specific exercises within the routines that I’ve created, the look on their face proves what they were doing before was ineffective and a waste of time.

You see, everyone BELIEVES they do enough for their inner thighs. But often the lack of development is masked by progress in other areas. One of the first foundational principles I learned in Exercise Science in college was the S.A.I.D. Principle.

The S.A.I.D. Principle is an extremely important concept in human performance and sport science. It means Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand.

When the body is placed under some form of stress, it starts to make adaptations that will allow the body to get better at withstanding that specific form of stress in the future. As soon as you intentionally isolate the adductors, the realization hits.

You might feel overwhelmed, annoyed, or extremely ecstatic with everything I just told you. I say this to you to offer encouragement and hopefully some clarity on the issues at hand, knowing sure enough that if you train according to science, things WILL work.

I know you and so many women like you have struggled long enough. It’s time to stop struggling thanks to the incorrect and outdated advice of those who claim to know what they’re doing. It’s time to lean on science and what works to get the sculpted, firm inner thighs you’ve always wanted.

If anyone has told you that you can't see results quickly, well I have EVEN GREAT NEWS…

When a fitness program is designed with the S.A.I.D Principle at the wheel, results comes faster than you could ever imagine.

You really can achieve…

Healthier, Slimmer, and Sexier Inner Thighs In
Just 10 Minutes Per Workout.

And the best part about it is that the process couldn’t be simpler.

This is why I created the most comprehensive training program for the adductors, called The Inner Thigh Solution. It’s called this because it IS the solution and, I believe, the ONLY solution.

The Inner Thigh Solution Gives You A Practical, Easy-To-Follow
Program Unlike Any Other You Can Start Using TODAY For
Strong, Sculpted Thighs You’ll Love

The truth is the Inner Thigh Solution contains the best of my expertise and experience in functional movement and performance. I figured out through years of experimenting just how to stimulate the adductors and forcing them to tighten and firm up.

It wasn’t easy. I went down plenty of rabbit holes before concluding that nearly every single inner thigh exercise was incomplete.

I was sick of seeing clients coming to me lost, disappointed and broken. All they wanted was what was promised… and despite their hard work, they were nowhere near getting the physique they wanted.

I’ve always worked hard for my clients and I expect them to work hard for me. I’m in the business of changing lives one rep, one set, one pound at a time and when something doesn’t go according to plan, I get annoyed and so do my clients.

And unfortunately, I was getting annoyed with how my client’s inner thighs weren’t changing.

You see, many of the recommended exercises, and even the “correct” way of doing things weren’t working. We tried everything under the sun and we kept working hard most days of the week and those stubborn adductors wouldn’t get any better (sound familiar?).

But we didn’t give up. I didn’t quit. After each session was over, I went back to the drawing board and after years of studying and experimenting with hundreds of women just like you, a light bulb went off.

The secret that I discovered was that the key to inner thigh development is this: do the right movements in the right order with the right amount of time and tension. This simple yet overlooked method strengthens, firms and develops your body's most neglected muscle group that is typically too tight, weak and out of shape.

And this is why the Inner Thigh Solution WORKS.

Completely Transform Your Inner Thighs To
Look Their Best with Just
5 Adductor-Specific Exercises

The power of this method lies not only in what movements are performed and how well, but in doing these in the proper sequence.

I developed a flow of "Successive Sets" designed to get you the sculpted, strong thighs you’ve always wanted... much faster.

Done effectively, these Successive Sets work WITH your body, not against it, to activate the natural process of adding strength and improving muscular shape, tone, and function.

I composed this program with carefully selected bodyweight movements, that include Dynamic Stretching for increased flexibility, Muscle Activation for a better mind-muscle connection, Multi-Dimensional Stabilizing and Mobility Drills to improve function and performance, and Strengthening and Sculpting Exercises to create strong and toned inner thigh muscles.

The Strategy I Developed And Successfully Tested On Hundreds
of Athletes and Clients Includes
These Essential Techniques:


Releases inhibiting muscles that are preventing the adductors from activating.

Neuro-muscular Activation:

Develops the mind-muscle connection and primes your adductors for optimal recruitment of muscle fibers.

Joint Protecting Movements:

No added pressure on the lumbar spine, knees, or hips so that the exercises are 100% safe for people of all levels.

EMG Proven Muscle Recruitment:

Exercise selection backed by science proven to stimulate the most muscle contraction and effectiveness.


An under-utilized technique to build strength and power without lifting any weight.

Time Under
Tension Tempo:

Vary your repetition speed under resistance for the eccentric and concentric portion of the lift to make your workout faster and more efficient.

The Inner Thigh Solution is the first (and fastest) program designed to hit each of the 5 adductor muscles from EVERY plane of motion

It really is that simple.

Unfortunately, some women are going far beyond cardio workouts and all kinds of crazy resistance exercises to achieve the sought-after look. Media reports remind us that teens to aging women sometimes go to extremes — like eating disorders and surgery — to achieve perfect inner thighs. It doesn’t need to be like this.

You will experience PROGRESS the very first time you go through this program.

Only through learning how to do this particular routine will it enable you to start repairing any damage done by under training and begin developing your adductors by increasing strength, adding firmness, and relieving stiffness.

As you can imagine, the field of health and wellness is beyond broad and sometimes vague. The last thing I wanted was to overload you with too much, so I’ve done my best to condense the program to the most essential elements so you can experience rapid results.

I guarantee you'll not find an easier program to pick up and start using as part of your exercise routine or workout.

Strengthen and Firm Your Inner Thighs… And Unlock A Healthier, More Balanced Physique

Believe it or not, your inner thighs actually have a purpose.

Your adductors help you do just about everything. They help you run, walk, go up and down stairs, sit and stand. If your legs are moving, your adductors should be working.

These muscles are key to keeping your lower AND upper body working efficiently, so when they’re not doing their job, there can be major problems. In fact, life-altering problems.

One of the biggest impact your inner thighs have on your body is how it interacts with your glutes, especially the upper butt muscle - the gluteus medius.

When the adductors are healthy, it’s easier for your glutes to do what they’re designed to do. When there’s an imbalance or when something is lacking, signals are sent to the brain to lock the adductors, preventing the muscles from firing. This forces them to go into protection mode restricting the gluteal complex from functioning properly.

The result? Limited performance, movement issues and diminished energy.

When you strengthen your inner thighs, not only will you experience incredible results within the adductors but your glutes will be able to operate at full capacity allowing you to walk further, run faster, climb easier and feel healthier.

Introducing The Inner Thigh Solution

Firm & Sculpt Your Adductors in 10-Minutes

It is no lie when I reveal The Inner Thigh Solution contains the best of my expertise and experience in functional movement, strength and conditioning, and physique shaping when it comes to inner thigh development. I figured out how to tone and tighten your inner thighs and created a program that entails only two workouts per week over four weeks. That’s it.

The Inner Thigh Solution is the first program designed to give you firmer, more toned, and stronger adductors in just 10-minutes per workout.

The package includes:

The Complete Coaching Videos:
Bodyweight Edition

Most of us are visual learners. We need to see in order to learn and that’s why I created complete follow-along coaching videos for you to use. For the fastest results, I recorded each and every bodyweight exercise to show you the exact form and movement pattern. The sooner you nail this, the sooner you see results.

Shot in high definition at our state-of-the-art training facility, you can access these downloadable coaching videos at home, on the road, or even at the gym.

This component includes both the FIRM and SCULPT routine. Watch or follow along from the comfort of your own home. There is no equipment necessary.

Inner Thigh Solution:
Gym Edition

This Inner Thigh Solution - Gym Edition gives you exactly what you need to do in the gym in order to give you exactly what you want; strong, sexy, healthy inner thighs. You won’t find any lengthy, barbaric bodybuilder type workouts in this program but what you will find are two 15-minute scientifically proven methods.

In order to complete these 5-exercise workouts, you will need access to at least one medicine ball, a variety of dumbbells or kettlebells, a stepping platform or a bench, and an exercise mat. A barbell is NOT required neither are machines. And if you aren’t sure how to properly do an exercise, we’ve included text, pictures AND video descriptions through a simple downloadable format.

This ‘Gym Edition’ was created to work perfectly with the ‘Bodyweight Edition’ so you will get the best of both training styles. Bodyweight training does have its place and is a great way to start out but no one ever said that you should avoid the gym and that’s why I highly recommend using both of these methods together for increased results.

As a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist I have used these routines on hundreds of clients and athletes over the past 16 years. I know these exercises work and that’s why I personally guarantee that by combining the Gym & Bodyweight Editions (4 workouts in total) your inner thighs WILL be transformed after a few weeks of following these routines.

Plus If You ACT Now, You Can Fast Track Your
Way To Sculpting Sexier Legs, With These Powerful
Bonuses, Worth $39.99, When You Purchase
The Inner Thigh Solution TODAY

Inner Thigh Solution Manual
(value $19.99)

Inside the pages of The Inner Thigh Solution Manual, I sort through the fallacies and facts about developing your adductors correctly. Based upon the latest science and nearly two decades of personally working with elite athletes and fitness competitors, this easy-to-use blueprint shows you exactly why the adductors are so important to your health and how to get the best-looking and performing inner thighs possible.

I share exactly what works, including detailed, highly-specific breakdowns and pictures of each exercise in a way that even beginner’s can understand. There’ll be no doubt in your mind what you need to do and when.

Dine Your Way Fine
(value $19.99)

Getting your nutrition right is essential for melting away problem fat and growing muscle. That’s why I’m adding this bonus recipe book to your order when you buy today.

Dine Your Way Fine is a beautiful recipe book featuring 45 mouth-watering recipes from Chef Gui Alinat, an ACF Certified Executive Chef who has appeared on The Food Network and author of The Chef’s Repertoire, Eat More Burn More and The French Paleo Burn.

Using the nutritional tricks of the trade, Chef Gui transforms nutritious ingredients you know you should be eating into perfectly balanced, fat-burning meals all based on the Paleo creed which leave you wanting more.

Imagine driving back from a hard morning workout to find a delicious plate of Baked Spaghetti Squash & Eggs waiting for you on the counter… or whipping up a batch of Completely Paleo Coconut Pancakes that taste as good - or even better - than your normal stack. You won’t want to wait for lunch to roll around to devour a bowl of 100% Caveman Chili or attack a plate of delicious Sweet & Sour Paleo Meatballs. And how would it feel to know dinner wasn’t a plate of steamed veggies and chicken… but instead you would be sitting down to sample succulent, delicious Overnight Off-The-Bone Pork or hot tangy Baked Mustard Chicken?

And that’s the great thing: you don’t have to worry about counting calories, expensive ingredients or spending hours preparing meals. These are without doubt the easiest meals to prepare we've come across.

Here’s what you’ll discover when you invest in
Inner Thigh Solution today:

  • Why most ‘thigh-gap’ programs pushed by self-proclaimed experts and fitness-celebrities are worthless and only leave you frustrated and out of pocket
  • Why most “inner thigh” programs are NOT designed to promote the development of strong, sexy inner thighs by getting the science all wrong (and why you’re sabotaging your progress if you follow 99% of them)
  • The mistake that nearly EVERY trainer makes by utilizing the wrong workouts in hopes that the adductor group will change as a result (and what you need to focus on to force your inner thighs to develop)
  • Why only ‘strength-training’ NEVER delivers the results you want and leaves you coming up short in achieving peak performance forcing you to perform at a sub-max level. (I reveal the TWO vital steps to make every workout count)
  • The “dangerous” impact of underdeveloped adductors and its effect on your hips, your posture, and even upper body health that leaves trained medical professionals scratching their heads looking for the REAL cause of back pain, common knee injuries and hip discomfort
  • Why training the adductors with a ton of muscle-group specific exercises is the ONLY way to deliver the gains and development you really want to sculpt the inner-thigh you’ve always wanted
  • How to “instantly activate” a natural bodily process that compounds all your hard work and rapidly shapes your inner-thigh muscles
  • Why you can’t diet your way out of flabby inner-thigh muscles and why you need a Sculpting Routine so that you can begin to build sexier, stronger adductors
  • Why even the smallest bit of adductor-specific training dramatically improves “total-body” function and dramatically enhances your physical performance on and off the field
  • How the adductor muscles severely minimizes your butt development (and what you need to do to neutralize the potential damage)
  • Why “add-on” exercises NEVER give you enough meat to work from (and why most recommended “cookie-cutter” movements fail to do the job)
  • TWO surprising obstacles that go against muscle development you probably never heard about until now (and how to overcome them in seconds!)

Here’s why Inner Thigh Solution clients can’t stop raving about this program

This exact same program has now helped thousands of women, just like you, defeat stubborn inner thigh fat and noticeably tone and sculpt their adductors in 30 days or less.

People like Michelle from Seminole Florida and mother of two, who radically changed the way her legs looked, shocking her friends and family…

Mom of 3 Approved

"Inner Thigh Solution is AMAZING! Having my third baby really took a toll on my hips and legs… As soon as I started using Brian's Inner Thigh Solution, not only did my inner-thighs feel firmer, but I also had less back and hip pain!

It feels good to have my pre-baby body again!! As a full-time mom and physician assistant I highly recommend Brian’s program!"

Becky Mossburg
Mom of 3 & PA
Seminole, Florida

Good-Bye Stubborn Fat

"Brian's Inner Thigh Solution is exactly what I needed at this stage of my life. Being in my mid-60s, I needed to do something about my legs because I really started to see and feel my age. Losing fat and gaining strength doesn't happen easily anymore unfortunately.

Once I started using The Inner Thigh Solution, I immediately felt stronger and could actually feel my legs toning up which hasn't happened in a long time. It's been a while since I've looked forward to tennis and beach season! Thanks Brian for helping me look and feel younger!"

Teri Rogers
Real Estate Agent
New Milford, Connecticut

No More Pain!!!

"This program is a life-saver! After teaching group aerobics for years, my hips and my lower back started to hurt quite often. Little did I know that the basic movements I was doing were actually causing my body to break-down. After consulting with Brian, he quickly pointed out that my adductors were underworked and not functioning properly.

He introduced me to his Inner Thigh Solution and after a few workouts, I felt so good! The pain I was having in my hips and back went away. Not only that, my legs started slimming down and firming up which was crazy since I thought I was doing enough for my legs.

No matter what exercise program you are doing, it is always a good idea to grow your knowledge of movement and exercise, especially when you are an instructor yourself."

Tiffany Cooley
Jazzercise Instructor
Ridgefield, Connecticut

Perfect for My Busy Life

“Between working full-time, being a mom and a bikini competitor - there are days when I just can't get to the gym. This Inner Thigh Solution routine is simple enough for me to do at home and challenging enough to keep me show ready. I don't feel bad about skipping leg day when I know this routine will keep me in check!”

Stephanie Dushane
NPC Bikini Competitor
Largo, Florida

Holistic Health Practioner Approved

“Brian's Inner Thigh Solution is the ULTIMATE!!! I’ve always trained hard as an athlete however, in the last few years, having degenerative discs & spina bifida I’ve noticed some unwanted flab and an increase in pain and some loss of strength particularly in my lower back and inner thighs. His Inner Thigh Solution has been a life saver, and I can’t say enough about the improvements in my strength and posture, not to mention just how much it has changed the way my legs look. I highly recommend this program.”

Tonya Fines
Mum of 3
Figure Athlete & Holistic Health Practitioner
Dunedin, FL

Simple Step-by-Step Formula Anyone Can Follow

“Coach Brian and Critical Bench are at it again. Their new, Inner Thigh Solution is jammed packed and loaded with some of the most scientific research and cutting edge information on how to effectively and efficiently train one of our most misunderstood and under-trained body parts, our inner thighs.”

“One of Brian's greatest strengths is his ability to take comprehensive information and break it down in to a simple, step-by-step formula, that anyone, at any fitness level can easily understand and apply. Working in the fitness industry for over a decade now, I have yet to see an inner thigh program that compares to this one. If you are ready to transform your inner thighs, this is the program for you. ”

Frank Rich
Muscle Expert
Creator of Massthetic Muscle

Su Su 3 months ago

Quick and easy, so you can get on with your day! No excuses now! Thank you


Kiya L. 1 month ago

Thank you for getting straight to the gold


One Journey 1 month ago

★★★★★ Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing...this is important


Your Search Is Over. You Don’t Have To Look Any
Further To Get The Sculpted Thighs You’ve
Always Wanted

Now you've read about the reasons for taking action and
why you need to address this issue once-and-for-all starting

It shocks me seeing so many women making the same mistake over and over again when attempting to target their adductors - through no fault of their own. They struggle to understand why they still have unwanted fat, lack of lean muscle, aren’t getting any stronger, and why other parts of their body aren’t responding the way they should.

It comes down to getting the programming right and that’s what The Inner Thigh Solution does.

To celebrate the launch of the program for the first time, I’m cutting the price of the program for a very limited time.

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Save your time trying to find something to compare this program to. Nothing else exists.

And save any effort trying to figure this out on your own. I’ve spent years of my life researching this topic and have found that no one else has figured out the key to developing this muscle group.

Or if you need further convincing, you could work with me at The Compound in Clearwater Florida, where you’ll pay upwards of $400 a session to learn from me what I’m basically showing you in this program.

But you don’t need to, because you can get all my training secrets right here, right now with The Inner Thigh Solution for just a fraction of the cost - $19.99.

And here’s why I’m guaranteeing you will get…

Sculpted and Stronger Adductors In Less Than 60 Days… OR YOUR MONEY BACK

Nearly every woman wants to have great looking legs. Which means every woman will benefit from this program. But I know you’ve tried before and been made promises that haven’t worked out. Until now.

I’m confident this program will deliver the results you’re looking for.

That’s why I’m going all-out to give you a guarantee you can't refuse and take all the risk away from you.

Here’s how it works. Try The Inner Thigh Solution for a full 60 days. That’s enough time to go through the program not once but several times. Incorporate all the exercises and workouts into your own regime and really put it to the test.

You’ll be blown away with the speed and quality of the results you achieve… but if for any reason you’re not absolutely delighted by how you look and feel, no problem. Just email me and ask for a complete, hassle-free 100% refund.

I’m happy to give you this guarantee and I know this program works for everyone I train, regardless or your age, body type or level of physical fitness.

Please know this. If it worked for the hundreds of men and women I’ve worked with, it WILL work for you.

Now Is The Time To Stop Wishing You Had
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So now I’ve shown you how Inner Thigh Solution is the quickest, most effective path to the amazing thighs and legs you’ve always wanted.

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Or after a few weeks of convincing yourself you can do it on your own, you’ll have resorted to creating a program for yourself using scraps of training advice from self-proclaimed experts. (Please remember, going this route could actually HURT you and leave you worse off than before.)

Months go by and you find yourself right back where you started before you ever heard about The Inner Thigh Solution. On that day in the future, you wonder… how would my inner thighs look and feel right now if I had I taken action back then?

I don’t want this for you. Instead I want you to take a better path - one where you decided “YES, today is the day”.

You overcome your doubts and decide to invest in the Inner Thigh Solution. And you’re blown away.

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Within a few weeks of following the program you have an incredible awakening.

You look in the mirror and see first-hand how your legs are more defined and notice how they’re firmer. You notice your shape changing and you get that buzz of excitement when your pants are just a little bit looser when you pull them on one morning.

You feel more power and strength as you make gains in your lower body. You lift more and move faster.

At home, at work, the feeling you’re sculpting a stronger, sexier body floods you with confidence and your friends, family and colleagues all notice the change.

And you can see all this happen in less than 60 days using this program. Guaranteed.

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Move Well. Look Well. Live Well.

Coach Brian Klepacki

Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS, FMS, CISSN
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P.S. Try The Inner Thigh Solution for 60 days and discover how to firm and sculpt your adductors like never before.

If you're struggling to build strong, sculpted inner thighs that look incredible and have lost all hope, you'll transform your progress in less than 30 minutes a week with my program. Guaranteed.

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FAQ About Inner Thigh Solution

Q: Why should I buy this over other inner thigh programs?

A: Look, it's this simple. No other program hits all FIVE adductor muscles with all THREE exercise strategies in all THREE planes of motion to FORCE your adductors to develop. Your choice is clear. A program based on real-life in-the-field experience and the latest science. Or a program stuck in the past based on decades-old research that leaves you weaker, less powerful and worse - with inner thighs you're frustrated with.

Q: Who is this program suitable for?

A: This program is suitable for anyone, male or female, who wants to develop a firmer, stronger inner thigh muscle group. I designed it for every level, from the fitness fanatic to the newbie who has never exercised before. You see, unless you're a high-level athlete or fitness professional- chances are your adductors are weak. Everyone will improve the shape and strength of their adductors with this program.

Q: How long does it take to complete the full program? Will I see results in that time?

A: Inner Thigh Solution is built on a four-week platform with two days of inner thigh exercises per week. This length of time is optimal for strengthening and changing the shape of your inner thighs. You can keep repeating the program for as long as you want. In fact, when you see the results you will most likely make this your weekly routine.

Q: What if I'm injured? Can I still perform the program?

A: Before you undertake any new workout regime, check with your physician first. If you're given the all-clear then it depends on your injury. What is great about this program is it is low impact that yields high results. There are no complex movements.

Q: In which format is the program available?

A: The program is available as a digital download. You can get started as soon as you hit the Buy button and pay.

Q: Do I need any exercise equipment or gym membership to follow the program?

A: This program is a bodyweight only program. You can perform this bodyweight routine anywhere - at home, in the yard or traveling, or at the gym if that’s what you prefer.

Q: How hard are the exercises to perform?

A: Not hard at all. There are a variety of exercises - 10 in total - but I've selected these based how easy they are to follow. You know the only program you'll stick to is one you can follow. That's why you have the handbook and all the videos demonstrating perfect form. There are certainly ways to make it more challenging which I'll also show you.

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